Architecture Roadmaps

Development of business- or IT-related architectures is often a one-off process, requiring a lot of effort. Without maintaining the results of this process, it needs repeating every couple of years. Another, and in Quint opinion, better approach is to define a roadmap for the architecture. The roadmap makes future major developments in the architecture over a period of three to four years visible. By doing so the architecture-related stakeholders have better insight in what to expect from an architectural perspective, and planning of development activities can be improved.

In the architecture roadmap the foreseeable changes in the architectures are reflected, obviously impacted by business- and/or IT-driven changes. Quint provides the client with a structured approach for the definition of the Architecture roadmap, in which desired, necessary and logical developments will be combined and priorities will be set. Assisted with Quint experienced consultants the result will be an Architecture roadmap that is a strong foundation for the future architecture developments.