Client Partnership

Enthusiasm is extremely important in your career and in your relationships with your clients. It's one of the attributes they consider very strongly when it's time to pick their presenters. Pros can always see the bright side of life, and they're willing to work at full speed to accomplish their goals and their clients' objectives. And if things go off track, as they often will, pros know they have the ability to change it again and make something good of it. Pros never say negative things about their client, their program, or their client's meeting-planning skills.

True enthusiasm comes from your heart, and it can move mountains and charm even the most difficult client. People will love you for your upbeat attitude. They will want to hire you, and they will want you to come back. When you're enthusiastic, everyone's happy. Focus on client service Put client interests first Ask for feedback Understand your client's agenda and the client's business environment